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Partner with Pennsylvania Youth Club and help future generations through gang and drug intervention programs.
We give teens the opportunity to expand their culture through after-school programs that keeps kids involved.
 Serving Eastern Pennsylvania

Who We Are

Pennsylvania Youth Club offers youth development and mentoring programs. With more than 15 years of experience, our comprehensive approach to personal development targets at-risk teens and gives them the chance to partake in fun and rewarding life experiences that prevent gang and drug activity in the community.

Mission Statement
The Pennsylvania Youth Club of America (PYCA) is the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for kids who would never join the Scouts. They're good kids who, because of their cultural influences require a different "flavor" to appeal to their ethnic palates. Teens across America are falling victim to myriad crimes, enticements, and emotional stresses that have conspired to ruin their lives. PYCA is the alternative that speaks their language - the vehicle to relieve them from the ills of their communities.

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